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NAFA is asking your assistance to lobby Congress for the future well-being of our industry and access by the American public to the valuable Fixed Indexed Annuity product. It is urgent that you take a minute today to contact your congressman regarding SEC proposed 151A. Your congressman is the last best resource to derail the rule.

Here are some points to make:
- The proposal was written hastily, with an unprecedented short comment period.
- Those in favor of the Proposal are businesses and advisors who are in direct competition with indexed annuities and will financially benefit from the rule. 
- The insurance industry and your business will suffer serious losses both in revenue and jobs. 
- Regulation of this magnitude and economic impact should not be railroaded through by a small number of beneficiaries without the proper vetting of all the issues. 

Emphasize urgency (they must write or contact the SEC this week) as there may be an attempt to push it through while the current administration and congress are busy transitioning and the country is mired in economic woes during the holiday season.

Let them know that you make your living by making sure people have the safety and security of indexed annuities and that your clients have not lost one penny since they bought it which is extremely important in light of the trillions lost these past months.  There is no reason to pile on additional, unnecessary and costly regulation to a product that has saved billions of retirement dollars and peace of mind.

Thank them for taking the time to listen and that you hope they will be inspired to take action and ask Chairman Cox to withdraw the rule until the SEC has a more complete understanding of the rigorous and comprehensive state insurance regulations that are in place to protect the public from abusive sales tactics and bad salesman.

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Thank you for your support of Fixed Annuities,

Kim O'Brien
Executive Director
NAFA, the National Association for Fixed Annuities

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Executive Director
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